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The One?

It's Allah vs. Yahweh. I'm sure Vince McMahon has options on a cage match already....

By the way, God still has a crappy blog.


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There is no contest. Allah'... (Below threshold)

There is no contest. Allah's is by far the better blog. Not to mention that Yahweh's just seems like a (cheap?... no offense yahweh) carbon copy of allah's greatness, which would explain his intial posts that taunt allah for a response.(and seems to get a few)

Regardless as Yahweh says, its just a parody site and its clear who the great satirist and who the "Jayson Blair" is in this case.

Indeed its like the ABA (Yahweh)
and the NBA(Allah) while Yahweh has his novelty appeal (minus the frutiy red/white/blue) uniform which incidentaly wouldnt be a bad idea as a color theme (hehe) as far as the novelty appeal goes) and whatnot....

i assume that soon like the ABA and NBA, we shall have exhibition showdowns if Yahweh taunts allah badly enough (cage matches and stuff)

of course its clear that later on down the line, he (Yahweh) will either be taken over by the mightier(funnier) diety ... or he will simply vanish into our fond memories and we shall have a "www.rememberYahweh.com"

God doesn't have time to bl... (Below threshold)

God doesn't have time to blog. He just gives me the inside story line sometimes.


Obviously, Wiz, since you a... (Below threshold)

Obviously, Wiz, since you are still here, telling GOD her blog is crappy, didn't bring down the proverbial "wrath of...". :-)

That's because it isn't the... (Below threshold)

That's because it isn't the real Jewish deal. We don't call Him "Yahweh." Christians do.

And everyone knows Jews make the best comedians.

That is a false god, folks.

Another one - <a href="http... (Below threshold)

Another one - God IS the House

The Blogosphere is getting rather polytheistic.

As Comrade V.I. Lenin pointed out "Fear made the Gods. ... The deepest root of religion today is the socially downtrodden condition of the working bloggers and their apparently complete helplessness in face of the blind forces of TTLB's Ecosystem."

Beware of false gods. There... (Below threshold)

Beware of false gods. There is only one.






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