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Blog Chicks Pix - Armed And Dangerous

Frequent Outside The Beltway commenter, Katewerk, left a link to her well armed picture in the comments to James' post on the "affair du tiot". I imagine there are others floating around, but some quick searches of the usual suspects came up empty.

Since it's the least serious day of the week (Friday), let's see those pictures of female bloggers with their favorite "maleness" toys - be that guns, hot rods, motorcycles, swords, heavy machinery, etc.

Leave a link and I'll update the list.

Note: So far I have as many pictures of female bloggers and their *ahem* power tools pictures (Dawn Olsen) as I do of blog chicks with weapons. Both are armed and dangerous...

Update: Other "tools" take the lead. Here is the story behind this picture...

The Capitalist Chicks seem to have laid down their weapons for this duck hunt.


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Comments (7)

Heh. Man, first you still ... (Below threshold)

Heh. Man, first you still my totally original idea of the caption contest and now my unprecedented concept of posting pictures of women. I'm going to have to start patenting this stuff!

Steal. Not still.... (Below threshold)

Steal. Not still.

You left that link siting t... (Below threshold)

You left that link siting there! You snooze, you loose... :-)

My wife must not see this..... (Below threshold)

My wife must not see this...

I get lots of questions abo... (Below threshold)

I get lots of questions about that pic. To answer them - it's a wickedly accurate little .22 pump action rifle, at _least_ 70 years old. I dusted it off while visiting the family farm a couple of years ago. Cleaned the barrel, too. ;-)


I have a weapon that's on t... (Below threshold)

I have a weapon that's on the FBI list of terrorist tools, does that count?

It's a plastic knife hidden inside a brush. A guy friend bought a bunch of them at a flea market and gave them out to all his women friends for protection.

Er, I have yet to need to use one. The only time I DID feel the need to have a knife in my pocket, it was my metal pocketknife, which I took out of my purse, opened, closed, and put in my back pocket in full view of the three guys in a pickup truck I had to pass on my way home.

Call me paranoid.

A <a href="http://imao.us/p... (Below threshold)

A different type of guns. (Pic of arm...it's down a bit).







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