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Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Or Ron Palillo, or Lauren Tewes, or Cheech Marin, etc.

I need a celebrity fix. Specifically I need to know if I have even one celebrity reader. Bring me a celebrity who will admit to reading Wizbang and I'll promote their next or current project and make them the "official" celebrity of Wizbang. If you assist, you'll get an equally good plug (assuming you have something to plug).

I've already got a house band, now I need a celebrity endorsement...

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Do I count? I write the gre... (Below threshold)

Do I count? I write the greatest fantasy football column in all the blogosphere. I also got my picture taken with Glenn Reynolds.

Do I count? I had my name i... (Below threshold)

Do I count? I had my name in the newspaper this summer. That's got to make me more of a celebrity than Lauren Tewes.

I was in a McDonald's comme... (Below threshold)

I was in a McDonald's commercial back in '82.

The phrase continues... B... (Below threshold)

The phrase continues... Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, and a Hot Cup of Fat. {Flecth} I'll see if I can steer J-Lo toward your site. I hope that will do. ;-)






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