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ID That Song

Since I'm done with the massive link festivals (until Monday's Bonfire deadline), there is one idea I've wanted to do for a while. Just for fun I want to do a blog related "52 Lines About 26 Women" post, but for the life of me I can't remember the eighties artist who did that song. 91X and KROQ used to play it, back in the day, but I've never remembered the artist. It's is possible I've messed up the the song title as well. Without the original song it's going to be pretty hard to pull off...

This is where you come in. If you know the artist, or better yet have a link to the original lyrics it would be a big help if you leave a link or send them to me. By the way, no stealing my lame idea, except for James who's got a marker to cash...

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<a href="http://www.polyamo... (Below threshold)

88 Lines About 44 Women
By Campbell & The Nails

Yep. I don't think I've ev... (Below threshold)

Yep. I don't think I've ever heard the song but that's what Google told me, too.

(The page was taking a while to load and there were no comments showing while I was Googling)

Yup, it's 88 lines about 44... (Below threshold)

Yup, it's 88 lines about 44 women by the Nails...and since you already have a link to the lyrics, I guess I don't have to give them to you ;)

I guess that's why I couldn... (Below threshold)

I guess that's why I couldn't find it, I had the wrong numbers! Thanks!

For some reason I thought it was by Jim Carrol, but that was obviously wrong.

I went on a search for the ... (Below threshold)

I went on a search for the original tape of Nails, which I had back in the day before the ex tried to set fire to it. You can get "88 Lines" on some compilation CDs, but the original is nigh impossible to come by. Sad.

Maybe the Jim Carroll song you're thinking of is "All the People Who Died".

The compilation CD I got it... (Below threshold)

The compilation CD I got it on was "Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites, Vol. 1" back in 1994. Still have it. What a funny song!

:) "People Who Died" was o... (Below threshold)

:) "People Who Died" was on the "Catholic Boy" album.






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