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Paintball Jihad, Part II

Last time I was joking about the mujahedeen playing paintball. This time it's U.S. citizens going to jail for "training" while playing paintball in Virginia.

3 Defendants Sentenced in Va. 'Jihad' Case (washingtonpost.com)

Two members of an alleged Virginia jihad network were sentenced to more than 11 years in prison yesterday and a third man received less than four years after they apologized for supporting what the government says were terrorist missions abroad.
The 11 men, all but one from the Washington suburbs and nine of them U.S. citizens, were accused of possessing a variety of weapons and practicing military tactics while playing paintball in the Virginia countryside. Although defense attorneys insisted that the paintball games were harmless, another defendant who has pleaded guilty, Muhammed Aatique, admitted that he used them to train for combat.

See this artlicle about the initial arrest for more background.


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