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OMG, It's The Black Plague!!!

I guess that may be a little over the top?

Having successfully battled the likes of the dream where I find out I that I'm 3 credits short of a diploma or nightmares of every Chevy Chase movie, I though it would be smooth sailing from here on. I was so wrong...

One fun filled weekend of some mystery virus flavor of the month has reminded me how fucked up you get when your kids are miserable, and you're miserable, etc. But worst of all it reminded me that the nightmare isn’t over. Not by a long shot…

When they're really, really little they eat, sleep, poop, repeat every 3-4 hours. It's tough on the sleep schedules, but you can get into a groove and make things work pretty much like clockwork. I don't remember when it happens, but at some point when they stop being blobs and start being babies with limitations that are frustrating (like rolling over, crawling, etc.) all hell breaks loose at night. Random crying episodes at night for no apparent reason; hours spent trying all the tricks; frantically looking for the bulb aspirator, etc. I always need to remind myself that the lesson I was supposed to have learned the first time through parenthood is that all the "fixes" don't shorten a one or two hour mystery nighttime cry one damn bit. In fact, they probably prolong it. For the upcoming baby, we must resist the urge to "fix"…

I'm having nightmares about our unborn baby. In my nightmares “newbie” is a colicky baby from the beginning. From 4 months on, our twin boys slept through the night. There used to be an occasional episode, but sleep was plentiful and life was good. . I’ve reestablished a loving relationship with a full night sleep, and now in my nightmares it’s leaving me to “discover itself”.

In my nightmare everything we did right the first time turns around and bites us in the ass. In the nightmare all three kids are wandering the house 24/7 trying to sleep where ever I sleep; the horror!!!

I’m sure this is my subconscious getting a few laughs at my expense making me tremble at the though of that bullshit family bed crap. My experience is that cribs and baby rooms equals tranquility. Anyone who tells you that letting a 6 month old dictate the house sleeping arrangements is going to lead to a full ride academic scholarship at Harvard needs to lay off the weed.

It’s my house and I’ll sleep where ever my wife tells me too…

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"Anyone who tells you that ... (Below threshold)

"Anyone who tells you that letting a 6 month old dictate the house sleeping arrangements is going to lead to a full ride academic scholarship at Harvard needs to lay off the weed."

HA! How true...our house became much more tranquil when Son #1 started sleeping in his own bed...for us family bed = family crabby!






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