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Hitting The Fan

Introducing the next juvenile advance in modern blog warfare. Behold IMAO now....

Hap Tip: Shelli


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In any war a King must be c... (Below threshold)

In any war a King must be crowned......

I have been mad enough to enter the first ever contest to be crowned the King of whole Blogdom.

Now there is of course only one slight problem with that. InstaPundit otherwise known as Glenn Reynolds quite clearly is the Emporer of the Blogdom. So does the title King of Blogs contest mean anything to Glenn when you must be lower than a Mammal (in my case a slithering reptile) to compete?

Since a link from Glenn guarentees a hit rate second to none, it is my hope (a desparate one at that) the this post, and joining the Axis of Naughty and a bit of general begging, ear bending and pleading may make a difference to my position in the war to crown the first King of Blogging.

Since Glenn can't participate due to his status as a higher being and Emporer of the Blogdom, perhaps he could be like Napolean with his son (whom he crowned King of Rome) and crown me as King of the Blogs? A little support from his friends wouldn't go amis.






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