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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This entries in this weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ were, as usual top notch. Cristina "fans" came out of the woodwork for this one...

1) (Rob) - "Christina Who once again brings disgrace to the other citizens of Whoville."

2) (Jay Tea) - It's The Bride of Skankenstein!

3) (Matthew Stinson) - "After her Lhasa Apso died, Christina knew there was only one way to honor him."

Extra credit to Rodney and the BoiFormTroy for blatant suck-ups! Remember, you're all winners for not being subjected to an actual viewing of the performance...

Until next Friday...


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Comments (5)

Again, I miss the podium bu... (Below threshold)

Again, I miss the podium but those were three great captions, I must admit!

You never pick the ones tha... (Below threshold)

You never pick the ones that make me laugh out loud... you probably DO think the Three Stooges are funny, don't you? ;)

It should have been Brid... (Below threshold)

It should have been Bride of Skankenstein first, and mine second.

Or vice versa. I coiuld've lived with that, too.

Sucking up is one thing I a... (Below threshold)

Sucking up is one thing I am good at!

Remember, you're all wi... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Remember, you're all winners for not being subjected to an actual viewing of the performance...

And we are all losers because there is nothing to win.

(and i wouldn't have it any other way)






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