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Ted Rall Hits A New Low

Charles Johnson points out the extra special load of crap Ted served up yesterday (Veterans Day). It's his special love song to the now apparently noble Iraqi "resistance force". In it he rallies them to kill American soldiers. Never mind that the "resistance force" appears to be made up of non-Iraqi mercenaries, Fedayeen, and former Baathists.

Read it if you dare, but if you do you're going to be looking to vent. A commenter at LGF was thoughtful enough to leave this, which may give you an outlet for your rage :

But in this case, where Rall is seemingly calling for the murder of Americans, I really think he has crossed a line, maybe even a legal line. And doing it on Veteran's Day is simply disgusting beyond words. Think of the rows after rows of tombstones of men who died so Rall could shit on their graves like this.

Make your voice known. His editor, the man who approved this for syndication, is:

Lee Salem, Executive Vice President and Editor
Universal Press Syndicate
4520 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64111-7701
(800) 255-6734
[email protected]


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Comments (5)

You are right, it made me v... (Below threshold)

You are right, it made me vent.

Until I read this, I thought the controversy was about one of his cartoons.

My only doubt is giving him more "publicity" than he deserves.

Ted Rocks!!!... (Below threshold)

Ted Rocks!!!

Excuse me, but instead of k... (Below threshold)

Excuse me, but instead of knocking the messenger, why not address his message? What exactly do you disagree with? Which line in the cartoon is factually incorrect? It's this knee-jerk reaction so as not to actually require any intelligent response that has created such world-wide contempt and hatred of Americans on the 60th anniversary of the Normandy landings.

Dave, You are an idiot. I w... (Below threshold)

Dave, You are an idiot. I would take the time to try to convince you of this, but you are probably too mych of an idiot to comprehend your own idiocy. "Factual Correctness"? Pack your bags and move to Iraq, you shitbag.

Joe-you're an asswipe.... (Below threshold)

Joe-you're an asswipe.






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