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Paintball Jihad Part III

The uses for paintball guns just keep multiplying...

HANOI (AP) - Police in the Vietnamese capital have a new gun in their holsters and it's got a colourful bang. They've armed themselves with paintball guns to brand and track robbers and illegal motorbike racers.

The guns, introduced Monday, will be used to pelt thieves and racers with red, yellow and green dyes, said Tran Quoc Hung, administrative head of Hanoi's police. The guns have a range of 10 metres and will help police to track fast-moving suspects on motorcycles who could otherwise dart unnoticed into a sea of other bikes.

Comments (5)

Good for tracking, and thos... (Below threshold)

Good for tracking, and those things really do hurt! Just hope passersby don't get splattered.

At least they're not using ... (Below threshold)

At least they're not using tranquilizer guns, although that may be more interesting...

They ought to add glow in t... (Below threshold)

They ought to add glow in the dark paint to those guns while they're at it.

sounds like a lawsuit waiti... (Below threshold)

sounds like a lawsuit waiting ot happen, stoopid cops....

Ahahah... they must be kidi... (Below threshold)

Ahahah... they must be kiding ;)






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