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Three's A Crowd

Everyone's favorite new filthy rich porn star, Paris Hilton, apparently was not giving a one time only video appearance here. According to The Kicker (Elizabeth Spiers) there's another tape, and she and the boy toy are not alone.

There allegedly exists a tape of Paris having a threesome with then best friend, Playboy playmate Nicole Lenz, and her boyfriend at the time, former MTV VJ/actor Simon Rex.
Just when you think a story can't get any more bizarre the lure of fast cash proves you wrong.

Hat Tip: Gawker


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Comments (18)

I saw the first video, but ... (Below threshold)

I saw the first video, but couldn't see much. Nightvision doesn't cut it for good porn.

I didn't realize Simon date... (Below threshold)

I didn't realize Simon dated a playmate. He's sure changed his ways since the days back when he was an average kid at my high school.

I guess a porn video with two chicks can at least put to rest the rumours of how he actually broke into the business.

Wait. Isn't Simon Rex the g... (Below threshold)

Wait. Isn't Simon Rex the guy who was in a real porn movie?

couldn't even watch it becu... (Below threshold)

couldn't even watch it becuz of these dang filters..oh well at least i saw a pic.

Simon Rex was in a gay porn... (Below threshold)

Simon Rex was in a gay porn. He was solo, greasing his 'bicycle pump.'

Why did I have to remember that?

man i wish she would've tak... (Below threshold)

man i wish she would've taken a facial,sexy face

man i wish he woulda stuck ... (Below threshold)

man i wish he woulda stuck it in her ass and really made her scream

paris is perfect..... (Below threshold)

paris is perfect..

where can I find the Paris ... (Below threshold)

where can I find the Paris lez video?

Can anyone e-mail me the pa... (Below threshold)

Can anyone e-mail me the paris hilton video? Or better yet, does anyone know a URL for the free video?

I've heard about it but I wish I could see it. Thanks!


I thought the video was pre... (Below threshold)

I thought the video was pretty fuckin hilarious.. not something I'd jack off too or anything, but very entertaining nonetheless! =)

cAn anyoe email me this Hil... (Below threshold)

cAn anyoe email me this Hilton video

Oh God the fucking might ha... (Below threshold)

Oh God the fucking might have been juicy but the video is so dark and stupid... I couln't see... if I were Simon I would have made a hot chick like Paris feel real PAIN!!!! oH God it was so hot
She could have done with a bigger ... you know, and a more experienced guy hell just thinking of it makes me wanna fuck some hot babe

can someone send me the vid... (Below threshold)

can someone send me the video? or the URL?

Hi.....<br ... (Below threshold)




have heard about this filim... (Below threshold)

have heard about this filim could some one send me a coppy to c what all the hype is about ?? or tell me where to down load for free????

Hey can some one please tel... (Below threshold)

Hey can some one please tell me where i can see this video. I just want to see what all the fuss is about

please send me the web page... (Below threshold)

please send me the web page where I can see the video for free. Ill give mony for the information send to my e-mail at [email protected]






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