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Wake Up And Smell The Maple Nut Crunch!

Read Michele's take on the last bastion of coffee flavored coffee going all Starbucky.

Jon Cellini has the full Denis Leary Maple Nut Crunch rant here.

It has always been my opinion that if must doctor up your coffee with sugar, creme, syrup, chocolate, etc. what you were really craving was a good old fashion hot chocolate. No one really sells that anymore, but if you renamed it Chocolate Coffee it would sell like hotcakes...

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I actually put a spoonful o... (Below threshold)

I actually put a spoonful of sugar and a dollop of lite whipped topping in mine....

And I even buy decent coffee, mainly African beans like Kenya AA or Ethiopian Yrchecheffe. Kono is pretty good, too.

Actually, Starbucks sells m... (Below threshold)

Actually, Starbucks sells mighty fine regular and white hot chocolates.

I sometimes have to add cof... (Below threshold)

I sometimes have to add coffee to my hot chocolate...






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