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I finally invested the cash in some wireless network cards and an access point! Blogging without wires is the way to go. If I had any patience for the lame typing in cell phones I would try to hook that up too...

Between playing with new toys and helping two sites (who now owe me some serious link love for Friday) that was my night... Of course there was Survivor. Speaking of Survivor, Wizbang wife (who has always been a luke warm fan) says this is the best season yet. Hard to disagree...

Did you know there is a Blogger Survivor competition going on? The first round entailed pleading for the return of Rachel Lucas. Now they're holding tribal council. Check it out.

PS - For the techies it's a Linksys WAP54G and matching 8011.G PCMCIA cards. I already have a wired router/firewall.

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Oooh, you know I love it wh... (Below threshold)

Oooh, you know I love it when you talk techy!

No, seriously, I want to know how you like them in a month or so. I need to upgrade our home wireless setup and am looking for input.

Welcome to the wireless clu... (Below threshold)

Welcome to the wireless club.
Since I have had mine for over a year I am still on 802.11b but I love my linksys.
The model I have includes the router which I notice you don't have. Do you have a separate router, if so which one?

Kev, I'll be needing direct... (Below threshold)

Kev, I'll be needing directions to your house so I can blog from your driveway.

Security, security, securit... (Below threshold)

Security, security, security:


Forearmed is forewarned!

128 bit WEP enabled and the... (Below threshold)

128 bit WEP enabled and the AP is set to only accept connections from known MAC addresses. Anyone who wants to war dial me is going to be disappointed.

Starhawl, I have a separate SMC Baracade router. It's got a full SPI NAT Firewall.

Survivor: So is John slimy ... (Below threshold)

Survivor: So is John slimy enough to make it to the end? (Our household is praying it doesn't happen. It would spice things up for sure but I hate to see someone so obnoxious and deceitful succeed.)

I. Am. Soooo. Jealous.</... (Below threshold)

I. Am. Soooo. Jealous.

One day. *sigh*






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