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Odd Beauty Pageants

Where are all the jihadists this weekend? Here perhaps?

BEIJING (AP) - Shiny hair. Upright humps. Sharp outfits. And definitely no swimsuit competition. If you're in the market for a beautiful camel, those are apparently the things you might want to consider. And in northern China, they're doing just that - holding a dromedary beauty contest as part of what is billed as "the first international camel festival."

The beauty competition in the Inner Mongolia region attracted nearly 100 dressed-up camels "as well as more than 2,000 fans," the official Xinhua News Agency said Saturday. It didn't specify who the "fans" were or where they came from.

The judges, mostly experienced camel herders, described the criteria for victory to Xinhua: The camels, they said, "should have good appearance - shiny hair and upright humps - and should be good dressers wearing beautiful halters and saddles in a proper way."

A few 2,000lb JDAM's might be in order just in case...

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Do they have a spitting com... (Below threshold)

Do they have a spitting competition?






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