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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

Here are your winning entries in this weeks Weekend Caption Contest™. Judging caption contests is highly subjective, these are my top entries - you are invited to read all the entires and form your own opinion. The winning entries:

1) (Mark Pierce) - This, Britney Spears, is a kiss on "porpoise".

2) (Lee) - "Oy, g'day. Let's put another smooch on the Barbie."

3) (Adam) - "So Paris, I have this night vision camera back at my place."

Until next Friday...


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Comments (7)

I thought Venomous Kate wou... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I thought Venomous Kate would have had it wrapped up. I did have a few leftovers (i.e. rejects, some for obvious reasons) that I am choosing to post after the contest.

“Nice Bass.”

Now my Sweetheart, we’re going to play a little game I like to call Finding Nemo.”

“Is that a fish in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.”

The remake of Octopussy.

“It will never work between us. You may be a big fish, but you only have a Tadpole.

“Rick Solomon never made me this wet.”

Why 12 year old boys sometimes commit suicide.
When they Google “Paris Hilton wet and wild”, they get this picture.

“No, there is not comma in the middle, I really wanted a Blowfish.”

“So you want to go fishing but you need help with the bait. Well I’m an expert in that area, in fact, you could call me a master-baiter.”

“Paris, What is long, hard, round, and full of C-men… Wrong, it’s a submarine.”

I had Kate's entry in the l... (Below threshold)

I had Kate's entry in the list... And honestly I forgot why I removed it. I think I was back and forth with the second entry.

For some reason the "porpoise" entry really stuck with me.

And I think I'm going to tr... (Below threshold)

And I think I'm going to troll for a guest judge next week. Susie complained last week, so I may let her pick the winners.

Kevin, thanks for your "vot... (Below threshold)

Kevin, thanks for your "vote". Regarding your comment about "trolling" for a guest judge... You might consider instituting a rule that the immediate past winner cannot enter next week's contest and also becomes the judge for the following week's Caption Contest. In an exhaustive poll conducted by Earthly Passions, it has been learned that an amazing 100% of past winners for the last week were willing to be next week's judge.

My own comment was not made... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

My own comment was not made to a register complaint against the judging or in an attempt to change the contest. It was a means to acknowledge a caption that I liked. I don't think you need to change anything with the Weekend Caption Contest

I'd like to thank the Acade... (Below threshold)

I'd like to thank the Academy....

Certainly no complaints abo... (Below threshold)

Certainly no complaints about the judging here... I say don't change a thing!






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