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Desperately Seeking Susan

Shell at Accross The Atlantic reports that virtual girlfriends are up for autction on eBay. Some men are desperate and most are terminally horny, so the fact that they were willing to bid on this service should be no big surprise. There are a lot of copycat auctions running, since the original girl sold for $41 (although other auctions claim to be the original).

I wondered if anyone was trying to peddle virtual boyfriends. They are.

One would expect that eBay will quash these type auctions soon.

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You're missing the point of... (Below threshold)

You're missing the point of imaginary.

The point is to get someone who provides proof you are dating to get parents and friends off your back.

The ad of the girl specifically states that she will not meet the guys in person. It's actually quite clever, though I'd still be careful if I were her putting my picture and e-mail out on the net.






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