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Jackson Probed For Child Molestation

According to CourtTV a 13 year old boy has alleged that he was molested at Neverland Ranch.

Santa Barbara Sheriff's county officers executed a search warrant at Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch Tuesday morning in connection with an abuse charge from a 13-year-old boy, CourtTV's Diane Dimond is reporting.

Officers are still searching the expansive property.

AP is reporting the following:
LOS OLIVOS, Calif. (AP) - Investigators conducting a criminal probe swarmed Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch on Tuesday, a sheriff's spokesman said. The purpose of the search was not disclosed.

Authorities from the Santa Barbara County sheriff's and district attorney's offices served a warrant about 8:30 a.m. as part of an "ongoing criminal investigation," Sgt. Chris Pappas said in a recorded statement on a media information line.

Jackson is in Las Vegas filming a video for his new single, "One More Chance." Ironic name, isn't it?

Update: CNN is reporting an arrest warrant for Jackson has been issued.

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When are they going to lock... (Below threshold)

When are they going to lock that freak up?

The other day, I heard a di... (Below threshold)

The other day, I heard a different news report.

A 12 year old boy claimed he was NOT molested at Neverland ranch. I bet he just claimed that for the money.

I remember watching that bi... (Below threshold)

I remember watching that big interview they had with him a few months back. As he spoke about his actions around the children I remember my opinion ranging from "what a weirdo" to "freak" to "why aren't they arresting this guy?"

The fact that Michael Jackson is a habitual pedophile is obvious to any one who knows what to look for.

Damn. I was hoping "probed... (Below threshold)

Damn. I was hoping "probed" was not a metaphor.


Jacko would have probably e... (Below threshold)

Jacko would have probably enjoyed it.

Warrant, not warrent.... (Below threshold)

Warrant, not warrent.

Sorry to be such a nit-picker.

Fixed.... (Below threshold)







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