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Rich With Irony

Two more ironic twists from the Michael Jackson case:

1) Jackson has a song about District Attorney Tom Sneddon on his HIStory album, from their first go round in 1993. In hindsight challenging a D.A. this way was probably not a very good idea.

2) As pointed out at A Small Victory, R. Kelly wrote Jackson's new single "One More Chance."

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I almost blame the parents ... (Below threshold)
Omnibus Driver:

I almost blame the parents more than I blame Michael Jackson. What person in their right mind would leave their child alone in the presence of the Gloved Freakazoid? All the money in the world cannot make up for what has been done to that child. And his parents put him squarely in the crosshairs of this wacko.

My co-blogger Mike has unco... (Below threshold)

My co-blogger Mike has uncovered yet another shocking revelation over at Begging to Differ.






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