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Are Your Comments Slow?

Attention skinners and MT tweakers - Are your comments slow to post? In my quest to figure out why the hell my comments were taking longer to post than other sites I sort of stumbled upon an answer. When a comment is posted a bunch of different archive pages get rebuilt according to their Rebuild settings. The Individual Archive of the associated post is rebuilt as are ALL of your Index templates that are set to Rebuild? = Yes!

If you have a skinned setup or you've just created a lot of Index templates that are set to rebuild automatically; each will be rebuilt behind the scenes between the time a comment is posted and the time it appears in the comment popup.

With 5 skins broken into 3 pieces each (header, stylesheet, footer), RSS feeds, and others I had over 20 Index Templates to rebuild during a comment post. Doh!!! None of them needed to be dynamically rebuilt aside from Indexes that contain MTEnries tags and RSS feeds.

So have a look through your templates and turn off Rebuild on all but the ones that really need it. The speed increase should be noticeable, it is here at Wizbang.


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Comments (5)

That's why my skins are CSS... (Below threshold)

That's why my skins are CSS-only. I just use a little Perl program and cookie to tell browsers which stylesheet to grab. The pages don't change, just their look changes.
A multitude of skins will also slow down the rebuild when you post, btw.

Excellent tip! Thanks, Kev... (Below threshold)

Excellent tip! Thanks, Kevin.

Ummmmm....yes? I have no id... (Below threshold)

Ummmmm....yes? I have no idea what you just said. But, yes, my comments -- and all the comments on the blogs I host on my domain -- are slow to load.

Heh. And I thought by not d... (Below threshold)

Heh. And I thought by not displaying comments on individual archive pages I was only saving server space. Turns out I'm saving commenters time too.

<buffs nails on chest>

i noticed a nice jump in sp... (Below threshold)

i noticed a nice jump in speed when we converted my install of Mt to output as php...all cgi is slow on most servers compared to php, especially when cgi settings are rebuilding multiple pages...while we didn't change it to php for that reason (it was done to allow me to acheive the style i wanted, mainly being able to have proper borders around the titles in the right column) the faster rebuild times were a nice bennie.






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