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Britney On Justin's Johnson

This is just flat out mean!

How big was Justin?


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I'm crushing your head!... (Below threshold)

I'm crushing your head!

Gaah! I saw the picture and... (Below threshold)

Gaah! I saw the picture and thought "Crush! Crush!" and opened up the comments and there was Lair. That's just weird.

Anyway, yeah. It is mean. It makes her look like a spiteful and stupid little bitch. So does the picture. Somebody should get ahold of those nails before she hurts herself, too.

Justin, however, has his consolations; he's dating Cameron Diaz these days. Hmm. Cameron Diaz, Trailer-Park Ho? Gee... Cameron Diaz, Trailer-Park Ho?

I'd have to go with Cameron Diaz, personally...

Britney looks a little wire... (Below threshold)

Britney looks a little wired in that picture. Enlarged pupils, baggy eyes, face a little greasy. Hmmm...and the nails are long enough to dig into the little baggy with the white stuff in it.

Yeah, I'm thinking Cameron ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I'm thinking Cameron Diaz is a definite upgrade. Britney had crafted a pretty remarkable career for herself; I'm not sure why she's going down this trashy road. And wassup with those ugly tatoos?

Who wants to know this much... (Below threshold)

Who wants to know this much about anyone's life? I was so happy not knowing or caring to whom Ms. Spears lost her virginity or anything about the size of Mr. Timberlake's genitals. I wish death on the people that informed me of these things.

Too bad:A) Lair al... (Below threshold)

Too bad:

A) Lair already nailed the caption
B) I didn't sit on this for a day and use it for the Weekend Caption Contest...

bad spots1.nails w... (Below threshold)

bad spots

1.nails way to long
2.what up with the mouth
3.we all know you dont like justin but dont try to crush his head

On this photo I say - "My b... (Below threshold)

On this photo I say - "My bf has a very small member" :D

hey yall need to stop joani... (Below threshold)
roxxee gretel:

hey yall need to stop joanin on brit shes plai buetiful to me

hey yall need to stop joani... (Below threshold)

hey yall need to stop joanin on brit shes plai buetiful to me






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