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Draft Dodging Dean?

Steve at Little Tiny Lies pities the Democrats who seem bent on picking the draft dodging Howard Dean. The New York Times reports that Dean got a draft defferal in 1970 for a "back condition."

In the 10 months after his graduation from Yale, time he might otherwise have spent in uniform, Dr. Dean lived the life of a ski bum in Aspen, Colo. His back condition did not affect his skiing the way the rigors of military service would have, he said, nor did it prevent him from supplementing a trust fund with odd jobs like pouring concrete in the warm months and washing dishes when it got cold.

Even the candidate's mother, Andree Maitland Dean, said in a recent interview about his medical deferment, "Yeah, that looks bad."

I was hoping that he had tried the Big Wednedsay kneecapping approach... (Amazon Link - Big Wednesday)

Update: John Cole isn't buying it. In his book unless new details surface it's pure smear. You can be darn sure this is not a vast right wing conspiracy plot as attention on Vietnam era service is not in Bush's interest either. Nope this reeks of Kerry...

Update2: James Joyner, Citizen Smash and Chris Lawrence weigh in.

Anyone notice that the Drudge headline was available hours before on Google News? Odd that he did not link the source article...


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I'd have more sympathy for ... (Below threshold)

I'd have more sympathy for Governor Doc's back condition if it had left him addicted to painkillers for six years...






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