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She Must Be A Blogger

None of the female bloggers I know would have turned this down...

MADRID (Reuters) - It would be a dream come true for many: a prize of 6,000 euros ($7,118) to spend on a three-hour shopping spree. But one Spanish woman turned down just that on Friday, saying she was too busy.

The woman had entered a Chamber of Commerce competition to win the spree, part of a promotion backed by 600 shops in the southeastern city of Murcia. But when she was told she had won, she said she would have to think about it and then failed to show up to claim her prize.

She said she had "diary problems" and was "too busy to waste the morning," a spokesman for the organizers said. The money went instead to the runner-up, 28-year-old Piedad Lopez.


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Comments (2)

I hope she had a visit with... (Below threshold)

I hope she had a visit with her shrink scheduled.

I wish they had put her nam... (Below threshold)

I wish they had put her name in the article...






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