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And Now A Word About Our Sponsors

It's 80 degrees in Virginia and our kids want to be outside, which explains the complete lack of updates today…

Anyway direct you attention over to the left and notice a new sponsor via the extremely cheap Wizbang BlogAds; the always entertaining Amish Tech Support.

Laurence now has co-conspirators in the mix at ATS, they're at 7 and counting. To this I have only one response. You're killing us single bloggers!!! It was hard enough to keep up when it was just Laurence, but with all the new ATS authors it's impossible to match the output of 7 with just little ol me…

Seriously there's a reason ATS is on the Permaroll here; it's because while others may have been inspired by the big time warbloggers I've always found that ATS was doing it the way I wanted to do it. Blogging on interesting topics with attitude to spare.

If you're ever considering a hit on the tip jar here at Wizbang, consider the alternative of buying and add via BlogAds. Either way many thanks!!!

Update: Laurence is using BlogAds instead of tip jars. Did I mention I spin a ball on my nose?

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Now dance for me!... (Below threshold)

Now dance for me!

There's room enough for all... (Below threshold)

There's room enough for all of us, Kev. But there's only one Laurence Simon.

I think we should be thankful for that.

Meryl, I sleep better knowi... (Below threshold)

Meryl, I sleep better knowing that...






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