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Some Call It Progress; Others Are Less Enthused

How long has Playboy been around, 40+ years? It took them a while but they managed to find a Jewish Playmate - Lindsey Vuolo. She's interviewed by rabbi Shumuly Boteach at BeliefNet.

Allah is going to need some new pants...


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Comments (6)

JEW! This post has been up... (Below threshold)

JEW! This post has been up for twenty minutes and already it has ruined not one but two pairs of Allah's pants. Allah shall deal with you in the appropriate manner when the time is right.

By the way, when did this become a pornography blog? Allah is still getting trackback traffic from your Paris Hilton post.

That Paris Hilton post has ... (Below threshold)

That Paris Hilton post has a life of it's own... The post droped in the Google ratings, but the comment and trackback page are still ranked highly...

Go figure...

Got to check if the comment... (Below threshold)

Got to check if the comment templates are still working...

From <a href="http://www.su... (Below threshold)

From http://www.suprmchaos.com/bcEnt-Mon-122401 :

Yet another woman has come forward to claim the honor of being Playboy's first Jewish Playmate. Cindy Fuller, Miss May 1959, called us to set the record straight. "I'm sure I was the first," she insists. "Playboy was only a few years old then." For those keeping score, we've also identified Ellen Michaels, Miss March 1972, and Hugh Hefner's one-time flame, Barbi Benton, as pre-dating Miss November Lindsey Vuolo, who was the first to go public with her faith.

Hmmm...is it possible we'll... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...is it possible we'll see any Muslim Playmates anytime soon...for Allah's sake that is!

I dont care if they're a pr... (Below threshold)
Rex Jammer:

I dont care if they're a practicing muslim or not. Allah Ackbar! Allah please forgive this white boy infidel. He loves the daughters of Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) so.






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