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Black Sunday

Today is the 40th anniversary of arguably one of the worst sports decisions ever made - Pete Rozelle's decision to play the full slate of NFL games two days after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

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Actually, it was at the req... (Below threshold)

Actually, it was at the request of the Kennedy family. Jack Valenti was on Don Imus on Friday - he was recounting the events in Dallas (he was there as an advisor to LBJ) from 40 years ago. Somehow football came up in the conversation and Valenti said that they were planning to cancel or postpone those games, but that the Kennedy family asked that they continue.

Rozelle and Pierre Salinger... (Below threshold)

Rozelle and Pierre Salinger (Kennedy Press Secretary) went to USF together. The story as it's been told from Salinger and Rozelle is that Rozelle called Salinger for advice and he said Kennedy loved football and they should play.

Ah, close and yet not so cl... (Below threshold)

Ah, close and yet not so close.

Maybe I'm just young, but l... (Below threshold)

Maybe I'm just young, but life goes on, man.

I know I was comforted by a return to normalcy, especially the reassuring distraction of sports, after 9-11.






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