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Two of my favorite sites hit milestones this weekend:

Outside The Beltway will get it's 200,000th visitor this evening or early Monday morning. After months of top quality material (most of it non porn related) a little aside about a Jewish Playboy model may be the post of the moment when the milestone is reached. Heh...

Poliblog recorded visitor 50,000 recently. Go read the Toast-O-Meter roundup of the 9 dwarfs.

Congratulations to James and Steve on the milestones and the Cowboys victory...


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» OUTSIDE THE BELTWAY linked with 200,000!

Comments (6)

Thanks! I suspect I won't ... (Below threshold)

Thanks! I suspect I won't get 900 visits in the remaining four hours today, but should get there tomorrow unless my traffic really plummets.

Thanks! I appreciate the p... (Below threshold)

Thanks! I appreciate the post.

And I was most pleased at the Boys win today. After many years of wandering in the wilderness, it is nice to be in the playoff hunt again!

Wow, Cowboys mentioned and ... (Below threshold)

Wow, Cowboys mentioned and I am not? *poutin' and sulkin' off*

Oh and I am closin' in on 2... (Below threshold)

Oh and I am closin' in on 25K. ;)

Well I only mentioned the C... (Below threshold)

Well I only mentioned the Cowboys because the run a Cowboys blog together and post with me at SportsBlog. But congrats on the 25K.

Power Line Blog also hit th... (Below threshold)

Power Line Blog also hit the 1 million mark. Pretty significant milestone - but I find it a pretty significant blog.






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