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Darling Nikki

In noting the sudden success of a Foo Fighters remake of the Prince song Darling Nikki, the Washington Post notes that the shock value is gone. Why? Popular culture is filled with Nikki's.

And the world might have been a slightly different place if an 11-year-old Karenna Gore could have prevented her mother from listening to her "Purple Rain" cassette: "Darling Nikki" has the near-mythological honor in pop trivia of being the song that compelled Tipper Gore to co-found the Parents Music Resource Center with other congressional wives, who in 1985 successfully pressured big record companies to create a warning-label system for pop records.

Two slutty decades later, "Darling Nikki" is back, having been faithfully remade by the multi-platinum modern rock band the Foo Fighters.


Kids today, when they're not allegedly pirating media online, send instant-message come-ons to one another in the same shorthand that Prince wrote lyrics. (U C it in their homework.) Open-mouth kissing between girls in the school cafeteria is a Nikki kind of phenomenon. Britney Spears is nothing but a Nikki. The Hilton sisters are Nikkis. Pink is a Nikki.

Nikki was originally supposed to suggest something coarse, scurrilous, vulgar. Prince used to surround himself in Nikki-equivalents -- women in lingerie with names like Vanity and Apollonia -- and when he decided they were used up, he moved on to Sheena Easton. (Vanity and Apollonia both have made appearances in VH1 retromentaries about the '80s; both have found Jesus.)

It's worth noting that in the movie the song was used to illustrate Prince's character, "The Kid", at his worst. His bandmates and the club producer were looking to toss him after his defiant rendition of the song.

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Yapping Tipper is all I rem... (Below threshold)

Yapping Tipper is all I remember from the outrage regarding the first one (and, of course, I have the soundtrack to Purple Rain).


I remember hiding in my roo... (Below threshold)

I remember hiding in my room to listen to that song, afraid my parents would hear it and take away my Prince tape.

I sang it for karaoke a couple of weeks ago, and got a blank look.

No one knew the song. Stupid kids. No appreciation for...(grumble, grumble, mutter).






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