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Finally A Reason To Watch Daytime TV

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is the new co-host on "The View." She was one of three candidates tested on air to replace the departed Lisa Ling. In case you've forgotten, Elisabeth is best known for her stint on Survivor: the Australian Outback.

She's also married to Washington Redskins backup quarterback Tim Hasselbeck. Given his marginal status as a frequently cut NFL quarterback that second paycheck will come in handy.


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Comments (9)

Well, he played pretty well... (Below threshold)

Well, he played pretty well last night--better than I expected.

And it is just me, or does the picture of his wife look like she is made out of some space-age polymer?

I've got such a good idea f... (Below threshold)

I've got such a good idea for a Photoshop, alas I don't have Photoshop at home... It will have to wait.

It's not her best picture. ... (Below threshold)

It's not her best picture. She was just so cute on Survivor that I yelled at the tv demanding constant close-ups of her.

We'll see how long she last... (Below threshold)

We'll see how long she lasts. The hags on The View ran off the last two young women (Deb Matenopolous and Lisa Ling). They're bossy, loud, and like to make fun of the younger woman as if she brings nothing to the show. They thought Debbie was stupid and Lisa Ling got another gig as to get away from them.

Puke TV.

That Elisabeth on "The View... (Below threshold)

That Elisabeth on "The View" is as dumb as a rock. She does not measure up to the standard Lisa Ling set.

ELISABETH ROCKS!... (Below threshold)


Whistle!... (Below threshold)


"she's also married to Wash... (Below threshold)

"she's also married to Washington Redskins backup quarterback Tim Hasselbeck."

Dang ... caught myself coveting my neighbor's wife ...

Actually, It's Matt Hasselb... (Below threshold)
Joshua Perry:

Actually, It's Matt Hasselbeck currently with Seattle and formerly with Green Bay and he has a pretty good paycheck, too.






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