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To Live And Die In LA

I've been waiting for To Live and Die in L.A. to come out on DVD, and now it appears that my wait is over. It's on often overlooked film from William Friedken (The French Connection and The Exorcist) staring William Peterson (CSI) and William Willem Dafoe (Platoon). It's been so long since I first saw it; I can hardly remember how to describe it without completely plagiarizing other reviews. I was completely blown away by the movie when I saw it in the theaters, but the film has faded into obscurity. Way back when NetFlix first started we mounted a small campaign to get the film released on DVD, but that went nowhere.

In case you are wondering what you can get your favorite blogger for Christmas, it's on my Amazon Wishlist.


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'staring William Peterson (... (Below threshold)

'staring William Peterson (CSI) and William Dafoe (Platoon).'

That's Willem Dafoe. I never understood why his parents did that. Must have been hell in school always correcting the teachers.

Yep... I spent so much tim... (Below threshold)

Yep... I spent so much time trying to get the picture and the text to line up just right, I forgot to go back and proof the post... Fixed.

Brilliant movie. Every time... (Below threshold)

Brilliant movie. Every time I hear the song from Wang Chung I just sit back and remember.

I'll be adding it to my wish list as soon as I submit this comment!

It was the first movie afte... (Below threshold)

It was the first movie after my son was born, around Thanksgiving 1985. What a fantastic movie. And lets not forget Mr. Petersen in another underrated movie--Michael Mann's Manhunter. That was the original Hannibal Lecter movie and still the best (I refuse to see the remake).

Wow, it's been a while sinc... (Below threshold)

Wow, it's been a while since I've seen that! it's one of my all-time absolute favorites.

Love that movie. (Don't for... (Below threshold)

Love that movie. (Don't forget John Turturro's bit in it.) It's great news that the wait is over for the DVD, although I suppose I'll have to "ebay" my 3 younguns before I can watch it at home.

Cool!!!! I enjoyed the mov... (Below threshold)

Cool!!!! I enjoyed the movie when I saw it in the theater. I can't wait to get my DVD copy. Thanks for letting us know it was out, I gave up looking for it.






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