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A Bargain At Twice The Price

Do you think I could sell two slightly used 2 year olds on eBay?

Just wondering...


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Comments (8)

Want to trade them for one ... (Below threshold)

Want to trade them for one 13 year old and one ten year old? Both in good condition, but could use some polishing up.

I am hoping children apprec... (Below threshold)

I am hoping children appreciate (as opposed to depreciate) with age. I have a a pair of five year olds that could be hitting the auction block.

Actually, they depre... (Below threshold)

Actually, they depreciate. Have you ever met anyone who actually wanted a 13 year old girl?

Damn, Michele beat me to it... (Below threshold)

Damn, Michele beat me to it!

Well anyway, I'll offer up one 13 year old girl with a slight major attitude, for both 2 year olds.

Problem is the two year old... (Below threshold)

Problem is the two year olds still adore me (and my wife). I suspect 13 year olds are past that...

Oh, the five year olds soun... (Below threshold)

Oh, the five year olds sound interesting. Already in school I imagine...

If you need a reason to replace your carpets or flooring my boys will provide assistence in hastening that purchase.

There are a lot of people, ... (Below threshold)

There are a lot of people, it seems that want 13 year old girls. I have a couple of clients who wanted 13 year old girls, got them, and will likely serve a very long time in prison because of it.

Well, Tiger. You sucked the... (Below threshold)

Well, Tiger. You sucked the fun right out of this commentary.






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