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Opus Online

Someone got around to digitizing the less than inspiring debut of Opus. If at first you don't succeed... make sure the check for your very large signing bonus clears...

Courtesy Waxy.org (via Jim Treacher).


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Comments (9)

Well, it was well drawn at ... (Below threshold)

Well, it was well drawn at least...

Damn! And I was really loo... (Below threshold)
Omnibus Driver:

Damn! And I was really looking forward to this, too. What happned to his sense of humor?

To be fair, there's no way ... (Below threshold)

To be fair, there's no way the VERY FIRST ONE could meet expectations.

I thought the humor was in ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I thought the humor was in line with a lot of his humor, which I still think is pretty good. If he doesn't get too carried away with the artsy fartsy stuff and sticks to what works this will be OK. I think that there were too great of expectations for Breathed's first return. After this is the penguin that walked into BK and ordered raw herring on a bun with lots of Mayo, because he wanted it his way

Oops, should've been ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Oops, should've been
"After all this is the penguin..."
The Dewar's is already taking effect.

Hm. I like it.... (Below threshold)

Hm. I like it.

I was beginnin' to think I ... (Below threshold)

I was beginnin' to think I was the only one pleased with the debut of Opus, I mean where did you think he would be after bein' gone for ten years?

I am actually quite pleased... (Below threshold)

I am actually quite pleased with the debut, and thought the first one was hilarious.

It appears this is all in the eye of the beholder, I guess.........

It's not too good. The old ... (Below threshold)

It's not too good. The old ones from the 70's were SO much better.






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