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Your Evening Delusional Puke Fest

Can we change the laws to allow for the occasional ass kickings of the tin foil hat brigade?

Earlier in the month I noted a site that contends that no plane was flown into the Pentagon. Now the Indymedia crew is claiming another part of what you saw happen; didn't happen. See there was no American Flight 11 and no second plane at the WTC. The fact that you saw it just means that you are part of the plot.

Thanks to Allah for the pointer. He's hitting all cylinders tonight...

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There's no point in giving ... (Below threshold)

There's no point in giving those morons the attention they crave.

Please. Didn't you go to school with nutjobs like these? The ones that got beat up in high school and ignored in college? They're all on Indymedia now.

...and voting for Howard De... (Below threshold)

...and voting for Howard Dean.

Well that goes without sayi... (Below threshold)

Well that goes without saying.

In reading the article ther... (Below threshold)

In reading the article there, it seems that the most logical answer eludes these morons because it doesn't coincide with their wacko theories. To them it makes more sense that all the American Airlines passengers were herded onto the United planes (?!?) than that American, for whatever reason, declined to have the information on the hijacked planes included. And what's the deal with "its become widely accepted"??? WIDELY???? Talk about wishful thinking....






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