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Boy Zone

We found out the sex of the new baby (due in April). This was the first thing that came to mind...


What I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving? Family and friends, and the number 21 (as in fingers, toes, and the tell tale extra bit).

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That thing is loaded with b... (Below threshold)

That thing is loaded with boy bullets!!! Congrats!

Congratulations! Now we'll ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! Now we'll be even :P Apparently, we can only make girls ;)

But I'm SO not having anoth... (Below threshold)

But I'm SO not having another :-)

Did you find out the sex of... (Below threshold)

Did you find out the sex of the twins beforehand? If so, why? I used to date a woman who didn't want to know until the birth.

Yes we did. Many women tel... (Below threshold)

Yes we did. Many women tell themselves they don't want to know, but when the finally get to the sonogram and the tech offers to tell them they usually want to know...

Second time around it wasn't even a question. Financially it's a lot easier to have 3-4 months to get your girl or boy clothes than to buy them in one at a time after birth.

Congratulations! And since ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! And since this is Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say that I'm grateful for bloggers who actually CELEBRATE the fact that some entries just plain suck.

You're a wonder, Kev, don't ever change :-)

Congratulations and Happy T... (Below threshold)

Congratulations and Happy Thanksgiving, Kevin.

Congratulations!... (Below threshold)


Congratulations! And have ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! And have a happy day after and days to come.






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