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Lingerie Blogging

Susie and Meryl are mentioning unmentionables. Given that Friday is the first day of everyone else's Christmas shopping season a little education at the altar of the lingerie industry is pretty timely. Since my shopping season consists of a 3 hour robo spree on December 24, I'll be on the lookout for more scholarly blogging on this most important topic.

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I won't go anywhere near a ... (Below threshold)

I won't go anywhere near a store the day after Thanksgiving! [shiver]

Oh, c'mon, Kevin. Surely by... (Below threshold)

Oh, c'mon, Kevin. Surely by now you know whether or not your wife likes Victoria's Secret lingerie. We already know YOU like it. You're a straight male, aren't you?

Did you also know that many, many men subscribe to the catalog? I don't think they're looking to buy, actually. At least, not for themselves.

In this day and age of onli... (Below threshold)

In this day and age of online shopping you still wait until 12.24? Immediately go to the Victoria's Secret website and get something for your wife. Then go to Amazon and get me something. ;-)

I know my wife likes the li... (Below threshold)

I know my wife likes the lingerie but this is, as sports fans occasionally say, "a down year". Carrying around 30+ lbs of belly does not have her in much of a mood for teddy's and the like.

There will be presents of luxurious comfort this year, but antacids and spa treatments aren't available at Victoria's Secret, yet. Actually for real comfort she has requested a full home humidifier system.






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