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Raise Your Hand If You...

So everyone has come to your house to enjoy a Thanksgiving diner. They've made merry, stuffed themselves full of a wonderful dinner, lounged on your couches, and pawed your remote.

It's after 7PM...

Are you looking at your watch? Tapping you pencil? Doing a little obvious cleaning? Changing clothes?

Whatever could you be subtlety trying to tell your guests?

Thanks for coming. Now GET OUT!

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Ours our spending the night... (Below threshold)

Ours our spending the night. YAWN. I, needless to say, have retired for the evening. It's nine-thirty. I've been slaving away over this deal for two days. Now I'm taking a little ME time... :D

"Here's your hat. What's y... (Below threshold)

"Here's your hat. What's your hurry?"

Some people are just cluele... (Below threshold)

Some people are just clueless. You then have to resort to the not-so-subtle hints to break through the tryptophan-induced catatonia...

"Ummm, dinner's over, football's done, here's your coat, there's the door....bye now."

Works for me...lol.






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