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Shout Outs

I'm sure there's lots of stuff I've forgotten to do in the last 48 hours, but I want to belatedly congratulate James at Parkway Rest Stop on his one year blog anniversary.

Dawn Olsen has my favorite line of the day in describing the things she is thankful for: "My blog - where else would I be able to spew drivel and have it viewed upon and be both insulted and supported simultaneously - YEAH BLOGS!"

John Cole has full coverage of bloggers trying to get their heads into or out of their rectums regarding the Bush surprise visit in Iraq. Obviously it requires a great deal of practice and repetition to have the flexibility to consistently get your head up your ass. Kudos to liberal and conservative bloggers who see a good deed (both the Bush and Clinton visits) and point it out as such.

Go read all of Michele's superior Thanksgiving blogging from yesterday and today, if you haven't yet. I forgot to send my question about dropping subtle hints to your dinner guests about leaving so I was forced to rely on my own devices.

And yes, the guests finally left... Was I too obvious? Don't know and don't care...


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Comments (3)

My sister hosted Thanksgivi... (Below threshold)

My sister hosted Thanksgiving this year, but she was spared having to hint-drop by being the first to leave--her family had to go to her in-laws, leaving the rest of us free reign...by the time she got home not only was everyone gone, but the dishes were done and the left-overs put away....

zaheer i know u sweet/carin... (Below threshold)

zaheer i know u sweet/carin/cute/sxc/fit etc. etc. bt no dnt need 2 flatter urself:p...n wt da hell iz a pum pum?:S

still dnt kno wot a pum pum... (Below threshold)

still dnt kno wot a pum pum iz...wt izit?...safe den zaheer dnt chat 2 me im not 15, 16 or 17...so sfe byeee n yeh evry1 zaheer iz a pedo....hehe lol kiddin!






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