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Free Traffic For You

I assumed that the Paris Hilton porn seekers would disappear, but it appears they have not. While the volume has subsided there are still 1000+ curious visitors a day, and after this holiday weekend that number will probably jump back up to the 3000+ range. Around here it's "ever forward" so unless some new dirt crops up (which given the subject seems pretty likely) that post is in the deep archives quickly forgotten. But with so much traffic aimed at one post I thought it only fair to offer some of that traffic to other sites that want it. I'm not saying you should want it, but if for some reason you want to see your site counters spin I've got an offer for you...

Through and odd quirk of the Google system the original Paris Hilton, Porn Star post which drew so much search engine related traffic has disappeared off of the Google Search results page. The interesting thing is that the Trackback and Comment page to that post are still in the top 5 for most variants of the search. What this means, as many bloggers have found out, is that if you send a trackback ping to that post a lot of Google visitors will visit your site. Most of them will end up back here anyway but the traffic is as they say, "free for the taking"; if you want it. I don't claim to understand the inner workings of the Google Page Rank criteria, but the Trackback page to that post sits above a lot of pages designed exclusively to gather search traffic.

So if it is Google traffic you want; you can have mine…

If you're on BlogSpot you can use the Stand Alone Trackback Pinger I developed earlier this year. The only requirements that I will impose on you is that you must actually link to the post and your post must somehow relate to the topic. Pings that don't meet the guidelines will be deleted. If you are new to trackback pings these are the generally accepted principles for ALL trackbacks (not just this post).

Paraphrasing Henny Youngman, "Take my slutty porn star debutante, please!"


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Comments (4)

Thanks man... It was really... (Below threshold)

Thanks man... It was really enlightening!

I've pledged to make Dean's... (Below threshold)

I've pledged to make Dean's World a Paris Hilton-Free Zone. I pity you. ;-)

I got about 2000 unique vis... (Below threshold)

I got about 2000 unique visitors from linking to your original post. Thank you--I think. Paris Hilton hits jumped my bandwidth to about 2 gig. Now I gotta pay.

leader du groupe Crazy Town... (Below threshold)

leader du groupe Crazy Town a travaillé avec le producteur Zack Bautzer et l'actrice Shannen Doherty (petite amie de Rick Solomon).

Le résultat de cette collaboration est un DVD intitulé "Beverly Hills Pimps and Ho’s"






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