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Random thoughts...

If you are looking for a sure fire winner of a business idea, how about opening a auto service station at an airport. What could be better than getting an oil change and valet parking when you've got to take a flight. Think of the convenience.

Why hasn't anyone written a plugin for Word to do blog publishing? Given the pathetic state of the spell checkers in the offline blogging clients like w.bloggar and Zempt I would gladly pay money to be able to author my posts in Word.

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I want to say that there us... (Below threshold)

I want to say that there used to be a service like that in Austin, TX. Whether it still exists, I don't know, as it has been over 5 years since I lived there, and they have moved the airport since then...

Hmmm... interesting idea (u... (Below threshold)

Hmmm... interesting idea (using word for blogging)... writing Addins for MS word isn't that tough and doesn't seem like it would be too hard, given the MT API and the relatively few number of fields... the challenge might be designating trackback pings, extended entries, and such... then again, you could always write the main entry in word have it published as a draft and then log in to MT to fix the rest, no?

Very, very interesting. I'd be curious to know if this is something that would be widely used... I've installed IESpell to handle my web-form spell checking, and I don't use MT... but it doesn't look that hard.

Considering that Microsoft ... (Below threshold)

Considering that Microsoft will probably get into the blogging game at some point; Word is a natural blogging client from their perspective.

If someone has already written a blogging app for Word they may be in line for a payday from Bill Gates, who has never been shy about buying companies and folding them into the office family (Visio for example).

What about FrontPage -- Mic... (Below threshold)

What about FrontPage -- Microsoft's flagship web publishing suite? I can easily see an enhancement to that for templates.

Very true, Kevin... I haven... (Below threshold)

Very true, Kevin... I haven't played much with Office's COM extensibility but that might be something interesting for me to mess with over winter break between being a lazy bum and filling out law school apps.

Actually there was a place ... (Below threshold)

Actually there was a place here in town that would change your oil, wash your car and do other simple things for parking customers in the downtown area. You go into work and when you come out your car is detailed, the oil is changed and the tires rotated.

It took off like a rocket-ship but some freaking arm of the guvenmunt shut them down. I can't recall if it was a "safety" issue or a "labor" issue or what.

I do remember though that it was some branch of government that killed a good idea. (and that almost never happens LOL)






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