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Watching John Kerry Implode Is Fun

Watching John Kerry's campaign slow tortured death spiral is both highly entertaining and utterly pathetic. When you become a punch line it's time to get out with your heiress wifes money intact.

Why do all the Kerry picture look so forced? Even when he is trying to be a common man he just seems so out of place...

Steven Taylor has declared Kerry "toast".

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"Burnt French Toast" to be ... (Below threshold)

"Burnt French Toast" to be precise :)

Oh PLeeeeeessse!Th... (Below threshold)

Oh PLeeeeeessse!

The wife is worth almost a billion dollars and we are supposed to believe he got up at 5 am and waited in the cold to bey a 27 buck DVD player like any average Joe?


If Kerry runs a bad campaig... (Below threshold)
Try Truth Sometime:

If Kerry runs a bad campaign, I want him out of the race.

But you guys, my god, are you like, 14 years old? This man has led an honorable, complex, difficult, and patriotic life, and despite a few things you may disagree with, is a champion of the best liberal values. He's done some things you'd admire him for. You probably don't know about them.

You're acting as clueless wedge drivers in the Democratic party. He's losing, just move on. Don't gloat. Grow up.

Well that's what is so disa... (Below threshold)

Well that's what is so disappointing about his campaign. All those intangibles and he's going in reverse...

is a champion of the bes... (Below threshold)

is a champion of the best liberal values

Dishonesty, fear, hypocrisy???

OK If I were you I would distance myself from that but if you want to claim they are liberal values OK.

Have at it.






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