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2003 Weblog Awards - Nominations

2003 Weblog Awards

This is the master post of the nomination process for the 2003 Weblog Awards. Each Weblog Award category has a post for nominations listed here. Leave your nominees (name and URL) in the comment section to the applicable post. Eventually each post will have the award lineup listed and a link to the poll.

If you are linking to the contest please use the nomination category archive, as it contains all relevant posts. By linking to the category you can see all the nominating posts on one screen. Of course if you are free to link to which ever nomination post you want as well.

Other notes: The Ecosystem nominations are based on the Ecosystem rankings as of Dec. 1. I realize these are fluid so if some categories don't fill immediately then it will be based on the standing when nominated. I'd like to get the voting started this week so the quicker we can fill the categories the better.

Remember you can nominate yourself. I think it's best if Wizbang is left out of the awards. Thanks to those of you who have nominated Wizbang, but I'm not sure that it's fair for me to participate (i.e., home field advantage).

Update: We still need a cool logo for the poll page and a graphic for the award. Any of the best looking blog folks care to help out? Seriously you don't want my clipart special :-) Logos should be 400px wide and the award graphic should be 150px to 175px wide (height is up to you). I'll take anything you can give at this point. Potential award graphics should have some room for the site name of the winner. I'll take entries via e-mail for graphics at awards at wizbangblog.com

I'm gunning to have the polls open for voting by Friday. In categories that are sparsely nominated I'll fill in from the Ecosystem as needed. Rather than trickle polls onto the 2003 Weblog Awards page I am going to start all of them at one time. Each entry will be hyperlinked to the nominated site so you can explore the ones you may not have heard of or seen before.

Since I am filling out the rosters from the nominations I reserve the right to limit the number of categories a site appears in and/or move it to the most appropriate category. If you are nominated and placed in a category poll, but for some reason do not want to participate, let me know privately via e-mail and I will remove you. Anyone who has used the test polls knows you get one vote per poll, period. Attempts to game the system will not be tolerated.

Update2: Democracy rocks! My head is still spinning from all the nominations. Starting late tomorrow and into Wednesday morning I will working on the category lineups so keep the nominations coming. I would like to apologize in advance to sites that are left off or out of categories, as this is bound to happen. I'll try to catch any errors before the polling starts, but once the polls open no changes will be made. I've slowed my process of updating the posts with the polling lineup to make sure that I have sites in the right spots before I start posting poll contestants. Again YOU CAN NOMINATE YOURSELF, don't be shy.

Thanks for all the suggestions for new categories and other changes to the current contest. They will all be considered - for next years awards.


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Comments (8)

Thanks, Wiz, for taking thi... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Wiz, for taking this project on! Looks like you are well organized here.

FYI, I notice that there is no category for TTLB Ecosystem level, Adorable Little Rodents.

Sorry, forgot to put the ca... (Below threshold)

Sorry, forgot to put the category tag on that post. It's fixed now.

Go Twilightcafe.net! Woot! ... (Below threshold)

Go Twilightcafe.net! Woot! Very interesting thing, good luck running this...tough job it can be.

Interesting concept. Hope t... (Below threshold)

Interesting concept. Hope the idea becomes mainstream!

when i went to see what you... (Below threshold)

when i went to see what your "poll" looked like, my screen told me "you have already voted." i can
assure you i did not vote.

so much for the accuracy of the 'best blog' poll.

When do the polls close?I'm... (Below threshold)

When do the polls close?I'm setting up a polling station at my local seniors center tommorrow and I don't want to disappoint.Just kidding,but seriously,when does polling close?

A category suggestion for n... (Below threshold)

A category suggestion for next year:
culture blogs. I confess I'm not all that fond of the label, but there is a whole world of blogs concentrating on history, the arts, etc.

a category suggestion for n... (Below threshold)

a category suggestion for next year: non-english weblog instead of foreign blog.






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