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Nominations: Best Conservative Blog

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Andrew Sullivan
Ballon Juice
Citizen Smash
Cold Fury
Daniel Drezner
Eject! Eject! Eject!
Hugh Hewitt
Insults Unpublished
On The Third Hand
One Hand Clapping
Right Wing News
Right-Thinking from the Left Coast
Sgt. Stryker
The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
The Spoons Experience
Zogby Blog

Voting has started so no more nominations will be allowed. Comments are closed on this post. Visit the 2003 Weblog Awards support post for questions and answers.


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Comments (42)

BigStick <a href="http://ww... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://powerlinebl... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://www.tacitus... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://www.alphapa... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://www.pejmane... (Below threshold)
Russ Quan:
<a href="http://www.blogsfo... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://www.right-t... (Below threshold)
never give up, never give u... (Below threshold)

never give up, never give up, never give up that ship! S.Sails

frontpagemagazine.com ne... (Below threshold)

frontpagemagazine.com never give up, never give up, never give up that ship! S.Sails

Hewitt has received three E... (Below threshold)

Hewitt has received three Emmys for the work on PBS Los Angeles affiliate KCET-TV. Hewitt was also the host of the PBS Series Searching For God In America, an eight-part show which premiered on PBS in July 1996. In addition to the companion book to Searching, which received the 1997 Gold Medallion Book Award of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association in the category of "Christianity and Society," Hewitt has authored The Embarrassed Believer: Resurrecting Christian Witness in the Age of Mockery published in May 1998 by Word, and First Principles published in 1985. Hewitt's newest book In, but Not Of was released in April 2003. Hewitt currently writes a weekly column for WorldNetDaily.com and a bi-weekly column for the online edition of The Weekly Standard.

Mr. Hewitt divides his time between broadcast journalism, writing and the law. Hewitt appears frequently as a political and social commentator on shows including Fox News Network’s Special Report, MSNBC's Scarborough Country, Nightline, The Today Show and Larry King Live.

John beat me to the punch w... (Below threshold)

John beat me to the punch with the Power Line nomination, but I'll add a couple more. These are excellent blogs whose posts tend to the right, even if they're not explicitly conservative:

Strange Women Lying in Ponds

hughhewitt.com... (Below threshold)


<a href="http://dfmoore.mu.... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://acepilots.c... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://powerlinebl... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://mcj.bloghor... (Below threshold)
I wish it were me, but it h... (Below threshold)

I wish it were me, but it has to be www.ejectejecteject.com

<a href="http://www.coldfur... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://buzzmachine... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://www.jerrypo... (Below threshold)
Robin Juhl:

http://www.jerrypournelle.com is the site of Dr. Jerry Pournelle, Sci-Fi author and longtime Byte Magazine Chaos Manor columnist. He is an old-style conservative, not a neo-con, who wishes for the Republic, not the Empire. One of only two sites I pay money for....

Daily "Views" are at http://www.jerrypournelle.com/view/currentview.html

Most very highly recommended!

<a href="http://noleftturns... (Below threshold)
Jack Stephens:

NoLeftTurns at the Ashbrook Center.
ArmaVirumque at the New Criterion.

No doubt about it.... (Below threshold)

No doubt about it.


Powerline - as several have... (Below threshold)

Powerline - as several have already nominated.


SouthDakotapolitics.com - A narrowly focused blog dedicated to toppling Tom Daschle.

View from a Height - A Denver-based blog with a special focus on Israel. http://www.viewfromaheight.blogspot.com/

The King of Fools <a href="... (Below threshold)

The King of Fools http://www.king-of-fools.com

Cam Edwards.Com <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

Cam Edwards.Com http://www.camedwards.com

occams toothbrush<a ... (Below threshold)

occams toothbrush

No Left Turn at the Ashbroo... (Below threshold)

No Left Turn at the Ashbrook Center.

No Left Turns at the Ashbro... (Below threshold)

No Left Turns at the Ashbrook Center.

<a href="http://www.coldfur... (Below threshold)

Cold Fury
Right Wing News

Shameless self-promotion: Insults Unpunished.

1. No Left Turns - Ashbrook... (Below threshold)

1. No Left Turns - Ashbrook Center
2. The Remedy - Claremont Institute
3. Andrew Sullivan.com
4. Opinion Journal - Best of the Web
5. Daniel Drezner

1. Right Thinking from the... (Below threshold)
Professor Kaos:

1. Right Thinking from the Left Coast
2. NRO Corner
3. Powerline
4. Mean Mr. Mustard (gone but not forgotten)
5. Outside the Beltway

<a href="http://www.joshcla... (Below threshold)

Josh Claybourn

(I don't know why he hasn't been nominated already...)

I nominate seamole.blogspot... (Below threshold)

I nominate seamole.blogspot.com for this group.
He is the KING of the ping list.

HobbsOnline<a href... (Below threshold)
Considerettes - <a href="ht... (Below threshold)
Doug Payton:
my favorite conservative:</... (Below threshold)

my favorite conservative:

annika's journal and poetry


<a href="http://wizbangblog... (Below threshold)

MTPolitics hasn't been mentioned yet, and I find that Craig has some of the absolute best conversations and commentary.

1. Remedy2. Power ... (Below threshold)
Melanie Marlowe:

1. Remedy
2. Power Line

Dawn Patrol<a href... (Below threshold)

Dawn Patrol


Not just a compassionate conservative but a pop music encyclopedia as well!

Take a look at this one:</p... (Below threshold)
Only a marxist would think ... (Below threshold)

Only a marxist would think Sgt. Stryker is a conservative blog.

The best antidote to a cons... (Below threshold)

The best antidote to a conservative blog is www.SoonerThought.com






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