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Nominations: Best Foreign Blog

Vote in this category: Best Foreign Blog (Starts Friday).


A Sassy lawyer in Philippine Suburbia
Bjørn Stærk
Dancing With Dogs
Dissecting Leftism
Fistful of Euros
Gweilo Diaries
Healing Iraq
How to Save the World
Jivha - The Tongue
Merde in France
Living In China
The Dissident Frogman
The Edge of England's Sword
The Peking Duck
The Russian Dilettante
Tim Blair
What's New, Pussycat?
Flying Chair

Voting has started so no more nominations will be allowed. Comments are closed on this post. Visit the 2003 Weblog Awards support post for questions and answers.


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Comments (47)

<a href="http://www.blogmat... (Below threshold)
Ambient Irony <a href="http... (Below threshold)

Ambient Irony http://ambientirony.mu.nu/
Free Market Fairy Tales http://www.fmft.net/

1. <a href="http://timblair... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://marmot.blog... (Below threshold)
1. <a href="http://merdeinf... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://healingiraq... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://bears... (Below threshold)
Adrian Warnock's UK Blog</p... (Below threshold)

Adrian Warnock's UK Blog

Adrian Warnock's UK Blog</p... (Below threshold)

Adrian Warnock's UK Blog

Adrian Warnock's UK Blog</p... (Below threshold)

Adrian Warnock's UK Blog

<a href="http://africapundi... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://simonworld.... (Below threshold)
StevenPlaut.comMer... (Below threshold)



Cum GranoSalis

<a href="http://www.fistful... (Below threshold)
Sacre bleu! ... <a... (Below threshold)
ummmmmm like<a hre... (Below threshold)
Somebody has to nominate th... (Below threshold)

Somebody has to nominate these blogs, so I guess I will. These are my daily bread over here in China.


PRC News


Gweilo Diaries

The Peking Duck

Nominating:1. <a hre... (Below threshold)

1. The Gray Monk (UK)
2. The Aussie Courier (Australia)
3. Jivha - The Tongue (India)
4. G'Day Mate (Australia, self nomination)

<a href="http://merdeinfran... (Below threshold)
THE finest Political Commen... (Below threshold)

THE finest Political Commentary Blog in the Philippines
Produced by Connie: A Sassy lawyer in Philippine Suburbia

Also by Connie (A filipino cooking & recipes Journal)
The Radical Chef

My Nominee:<a href... (Below threshold)

My Nominee:

Healing Iraq

NominatingFree Marke... (Below threshold)

Free Market Fairy Tales

<a href="http://shauny.org/... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://therussiand... (Below threshold)
Dave Pollard's <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

Dave Pollard's How to Save the World (Canadian)

I'll second <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)

I'll second Fistful of Euros.

<a href="http://www.peaktal... (Below threshold)

Peaktalk (Canada)
The Gweilo Diaries (Hong Kong)

<a href="http://messopotami... (Below threshold)
Hangtown Bob:
The Gweilo Diaries (Hong Ko... (Below threshold)

The Gweilo Diaries (Hong Kong)

Israellycool<a href=... (Below threshold)


Great site!

The Blog Herald (Australia)... (Below threshold)

The Blog Herald (Australia)

He Says, She Says .: Locklo... (Below threshold)

He Says, She Says .: Lockload.com

My Nominee:<a href... (Below threshold)

My Nominee:


<a href="http://www.flyingc... (Below threshold)

Flying Chair

My daily blog read in Hong Kong

<a href="http://diamondgeez... (Below threshold)
Is Australia foreign? It's ... (Below threshold)

Is Australia foreign? It's not to me, but then again, I live here.

Not The West

www.karlotta.com - w... (Below threshold)

- well, I'm French, so that counts, right?

<a href="http://www.flyinch... (Below threshold)

Flying Chair

Good stuff.

My criticism is this: Why i... (Below threshold)

My criticism is this: Why in the world are British and Australian blogs considered "foreign?" Being a foreign blog is supposed to be more unique, like living in a place where not everyone around you speaks English, resources are scant, etc.

This on top of the fact that there isn't a good representation of Asian blogs. No mainland China, and no Korea-based blogs! You should consider adding someone like flyingchair.net in Hong Kong. In Korea there's marmot hole (http://marmot.blogs.com/korea/) and Incestuous Amplificiation , and Jeff in Korea (http://jeffinkorea.blog-city.com/). I of course hope that Brainysmurf (mine) would be in the running but I'm too biased to say so.

WWW.Flying Chair.net (Hong ... (Below threshold)

WWW.Flying Chair.net (Hong Kong)

<a href="http:www.livingroo... (Below threshold)

Living Room is my favorite foreign blog. Darren blogs from Melbourne Australia and is always great value.

I really want to nominate m... (Below threshold)

I really want to nominate myself for something!

srah blah blah

Hello: I would sel... (Below threshold)


I would select the following two:

1) Flying Chair [Hong Kong] and...

2) The Gweilo Dairies [Hong Kong]

And yes, you have missed out a lot of China and Hong Kong blogs.

Perhaps, next time maybe.


Yes, of course you're right... (Below threshold)

Yes, of course you're right Adam, why don't we jettison reader's choices altogether and apportion nominations so that all regions of the world are fairly represented. Affirmative action for bloggers is a good start. But, while we're at it, let's eliminate voting as well -- too traumatic for the losers, don't you know. And hell, let's not be timid, its time to demand a Blogger Aid program, sort of like farm supports. Taxpayers can pay me for not posting (although, in my case, they might think that's good value).

<a href="http://farrago.bur... (Below threshold)
Flying Chair - No 1!... (Below threshold)

Flying Chair - No 1!

<a href="http://www.talisma... (Below threshold)
Debbie H:

Dark Echelon (Australia)






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