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Nominations: Ecosystem Slimy Molluscs (and below)

Vote in this category: Best Slimy Molluscs (and below) Ecosystem Level Blog


alphabet city
apropos of something
Banana Republican
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Just As I Thought
Love In War
Mel's Sanctuary
RRBBS Discussion Group
srah blah blah
The G. Fishbone Blog
The Ministry of Minor Perfidy
Walking Stick

Voting has started so no more nominations will be allowed. Comments are closed on this post. Visit the 2003 Weblog Awards support post for questions and answers.


Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Nominations: Ecosystem Slimy Molluscs (and below):

» jozjozjoz.com :: brain barf... yum! linked with Could it be?! I'm nominated!

» jozjozjoz.com :: brain barf... yum! linked with Could it be?! I'm nominated!

Comments (21)

<a href="http://wiw.org/~je... (Below threshold)

Apropos of Something

I do recall seeing that it was okay to nominate our own blogs, right?

Yep.... (Below threshold)


<a href="http://angryclam.b... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://www.heart-s... (Below threshold)
Banana Republican <a href="... (Below threshold)

Banana Republican http://blog.racheljurado.com/
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind http://fatuousisme.blogspot.com/
Johnalism.com http://www.johnalism.com/

<a href="http://www.genecow... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://obsidianwin... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://regnumcruci... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://www.rrbbs.c... (Below threshold)
I will nominate myself, tho... (Below threshold)

I will nominate myself, though I don't know why, really.

AllGuinness http://www.allguinness.com

Thank you and good night.

Since both of my readers ar... (Below threshold)

Since both of my readers are probably on vacation, I hereby have to nominate myself.

Babalu Blog

Yeah, I nominate my group-b... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I nominate my group-blog.

The Ministry of Minor Perfidy.

If I win the award I pledge to use my prominence to help the poor and destitute of Blogistan. And also to buy myself a hover-car. I've always wanted a hover-car.

There's an award for eve... (Below threshold)

There's an award for everything these days!

My blog is a microbe, because I didn't even know there was a blog ecosystem until just now, but I have had 477,000 hits since June of '02 and the blog has been going since June of '01.

Not looking to win an award, but it would be an honor just to be nominated. Thanks.

The G. Fishbone Blog: http://gfishbone.com

Shameless self-promotion he... (Below threshold)

Shameless self-promotion here:

Walking Stick

I'll nominate myself: <a hr... (Below threshold)

I'll nominate myself: Lonewacko: I'm Still Blogging Across America.

Starting at the end of August, I drove from L.A. to Maine, blogging all the way. Now, I'm driving back and I'm currently in El Paso.

The blog covers my journey, but occasionally I cover politics and social issues from a right-of-center perspective.

The archives contain more political and social issues stuff, like immigration matters, warblogging, pictures from "peace" demonstrations, as well as a discussion of California and Los Angeles.

Unlike some other bloggers (present company excluded) I'm not willing to kiss up to those with more traffic.

"Our Publicity is based on ... (Below threshold)

"Our Publicity is based on attraction rather than promotion with this one exception ~ ; )"

Love In War

I nominate me!<a h... (Below threshold)

I nominate me!

srah blah blah

<a href="http://meandopheli... (Below threshold)

ME AND OPHELIA was a mollusc a few days ago. This isn't self promotion - it's a real warm invitation to visit my blog ;-) Leave a comment and I'll come on over and read your blog and find something on it - or you - to blog about!

I was a mollusc when I nomi... (Below threshold)

I was a mollusc when I nominated myself, but now I'm an amphibian. Is it cheating for me to be included in this category???

You need to nominate <a hre... (Below threshold)

You need to nominate WiredOpinion! It's up and coming!

Very cool to be nominated! ... (Below threshold)

Very cool to be nominated! But I'm a Flappy Bird! Is that a problem?!

(Just checking!)






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