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November Referrers

Here then is statistical anomaly that was November at Wizbang according to my server logs:

Visits: 126,543 Pages: 281,767 Hits: 2,062,037 Bandwidth: 11.51 GB

Since Awestats does not count search engine traffic in the site referral statistics; here are the head to head numbers from the top referring site and the most popular search:

Google search "paris hilton porn" (18,411) vs. InstaPundit (7049)

Of course that's hardly a surprise, Google Fight has even more lopsided results.

Thanks all the sites that referred traffic to Wizbang this month! Here are the top 20 referrers (who will remain in the Top Referrers section of the sidebar all month):

Notorious B.L.O.G.
Backcounty Conservative
Allah Is In The House
Jon Brusco's Blog
Master Ninja
The Kicker - Elisabeth Spiers
Dizzy Girl
Dawn Olsen
A Yobbo's View
Quibbles and Bits
Social Reject
Matters Of Size
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly's Journal
Buzz Machine
ADV Rider Forum
Amish Tech Support
Electric Venom
Outside The Beltway

Comments (1)

*Sob!* I fell off the list... (Below threshold)

*Sob!* I fell off the list.

(Of course, I always thought it was broken and I shouldn't be on there anyway.)






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