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Where The Hell Have I Been?

From eWeek:

Power Over Ethernet (POE) is going to fundamentally change the way LANs are used in the next three to five years by substantially lowering WLAN (Wireless LAN) installation costs and removing one of the key barriers to VOIP (Voice Over IP) implementations.

The recent ratification of the POE standard will unleash a slew of new devices on IT managers. Accommodating these devices and applications will require strategic planning, but the benefits will likely be far-reaching.

POE, known more formally as the IEEE's 802.3af specification, defines a standard way for data terminal equipment to be powered over Media Dependent Interface, or MDI. The POE standard was publishedóthe IEEE's equivalent of bestowing sainthoodóin July, but a trickle of 802.3af devices started showing up well before then.

That's just too cool. There is talk that the RJ-45 Ethernet jack will one day be a worldwide standard power plug.

Another side benefit: POE electric guitars!


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Comments (3)

Where the hell have you ... (Below threshold)

Where the hell have you been?

Apparently not installing WISP equipment.

I was introduced to it 2 years ago and I was behind then.

It happens to the best of us. ;-)

Watch it, guys. Geek talk r... (Below threshold)

Watch it, guys. Geek talk really makes me hot.

Purity Of Essence...... (Below threshold)

Purity Of Essence...






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