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Fiskie Awards

Little Green Footballs is taking nominations for the 2003 Robert Fisk Award for Idiotarian of the Year (Fiskie for short). As described within the post:

Note that the Idiotarian of the Year Award is devoted to “honoring” the useful idiots of the world; the creatures who are so naive, willfully blind, or astoundingly Ivory Tower brilliant that they aid the causes of dictators, terrorists, communists, and/or the evil Presbyterian Conspiracy. Please don’t nominate outright murderers like Yasser Arafat or Osama bin Laden; these types of animals are not idiotarians so much as monsters, the type of monsters the idiotarians end up supporting and defending.
It's amazing that he is able to whittle the list down to just one. Be prepared to enter the fray when following the link, there are 300 comments on that post (and rising fast).


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Comments (1)

I would generally nominate ... (Below threshold)

I would generally nominate as IotY anyone who can cram the non-word "idiotarian" 15 times into a single paragraph.






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