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2003 Weblog Awards Update

The number of nominations is staggering. While this is a good thing, it means there will most certainly be sites that are passed over for inclusion.

Any contest of this sort has not gone without some level of controversy. All I can say is that I'm trying to do this with as much "sunshine" into the process as possible. Even if you are violently opposed to the concept you can use this as an opportunity to see new parts of the blog universe by looking through the nominating comments.

Good news! Michele made a logo for the Weblog Awards. I'll be adding a textarea box later today so you can link to the polls with a little cut and pasting of HTML.


And finally... POLLS OPEN FRIDAY.


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Comments (1)

is there a write in categor... (Below threshold)

is there a write in category for "Best Blog that the Writer(s) have No Desire to Be Included In and Win an Award for Being Nominated In"???

~if so, please contact me asap!~







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