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Small Wonders

Ever feel like the world is bearing down on you?

I'll have to admit the the Weblog Awards are a little more work than I imagined, but mostly things like overlapping work projects, and increasingly tired pregnant wife, and the holiday season occasionally make me wonder if maybe a real vacation to some beach is in order. Of course it's not even remotely likely, but one can dream.

Then something so magical happens you forget all the bullshit...

Younger brother gave something to older brother (they are twins), and my wife and I both saw it together. Neither of us had ever seen one give the other something. And we were both there to see it.

It's the little things...

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It wasn't chicken pox was i... (Below threshold)

It wasn't chicken pox was it?

what about best photography... (Below threshold)

what about best photography based stories blog award:

and best marketing blog award:







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