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One of the mini controversies around the 2003 Weblog Awards is in reference to the inclusion of a Best Female Authored Blog. I am guilty of not making a Best Male Authored Blog category. If you want to call that sexism go right ahead. If you want to think of it as a way to shine the spotlight on female bloggers I would encourage that.

But what I really wanted to respond to was this comment:

Well, when I looked at the nominations for "best overall blog" and saw that hate-mongering piece of crap, Little Green Footballs, was in there, I was suspicious.

You don't have to agree with all of the choices. You'll have an opportunity to vote for 19 other blogs in that category.

Then I saw that it's sponsored by a conservative blogger.

So I can't be fair? If I were a liberal blogger then everything would be all better? And where exactly have I injected my politics into the process?

The bad ecosystem categories are the product of another well-known conservative blogger.

NZ Bear is conservative? Hmmm. It's a conspiracy, alert the media! He is not involved, but I did use his Ecosystem as the inspiration for categories where less known sites could compete against each other, rather than against InstaPundit. This is bad how?

There are no criteria for quality in the nominations, just whether someone bothered to nominate -- it's a formula for dittohead success

Finally they get to the point. The sheep of the blogosphere are not intelligent enough to do this properly - it must be controlled by people much smarter than you who will tell bloggers what they should like. See this post for a recap of last years Bloggies controversy. Thanks to somewhat more enlightened visitors blogs of all stripes have been nominated.

I must get back to work sifting through the nominations...

Update: Just to be clear - I think the discussion about the merits of the Best Female Authored Blog is interesting, and I've got no problem with any of the blog entries I've read via Ms Lauren's post (including hers). My frustration was with the semi-asshatted comment. I didn't expect that everyone would agree with every part of this endeavor, and I've found the discourse at all of the sites to be civil and thoughtful.


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Comments (18)

To the author of the "hate-... (Below threshold)

To the author of the "hate-mongering piece of crap" comment:

Up yours, you raghead-appeasing liberal moron.

Laurence Simon
Author of an even bigger piece of hate-mongering crap.

Why no LGBT blog award, eit... (Below threshold)

Why no LGBT blog award, either?

Maybe if we make the categories small enough, everyone could be a winner!

I guess there aren't enough... (Below threshold)

I guess there aren't enough legitimate feminist causes left to bitch about, so they have to whine about awards sponsored by private entites for the sole purpose of fun and recognition.

Out of curiosity, Kevin, how many women bloggers were nominated in the "Best Overall" category? (Regardless of wether they made the final cut or not)

Proving once again, no good... (Below threshold)

Proving once again, no good deed goes unpunished.

Oh, after looking over the ... (Below threshold)

Oh, after looking over the lists I rescind my previous question, Kevin...

Instead I'd just like to point out how many blogs were nominated for Best Female Blogger but not for "Best Overall Blogger" suggesting that maybe, JUST MAYBE, someone besides the regulars will get some recognition.

Maybe the complaint ought to be that there aren't more women on the "A-List" since that's really the problem. After all, if the "A-List" were split 50/50 this second category would be worthless too (since A-Listers would then dominate both polls).

I could go on, but I probably ought not blog in Kevin's comments. :)

I'd like to point out that ... (Below threshold)

I'd like to point out that I was not the only blogger to call this category into question. I appreciate the nomination I got for Best Female and also recognize the hard work that you put into organizing these awards, but I also have the right to my own opinion, that while blogging I would rather be acknowledged as a writer before I am female. Whether or not I am recognized at all, I'm honored that someone would choose to nominate me.

And thanks, Pete, for furthering the notion that feminism is a piece of tripe. As long as women aren't acknowledged as a legitimate part of the technology world, viewed as separate entities, we don't have respect for what we contribute to it. My blog is indeed a gendered space, consciously so. Some of the other women nominated for the award are simply bloggers and should be recognized as such.

Lauren I've got no problem ... (Below threshold)

Lauren I've got no problem with your post (and feelings on the subject) and the others you link to.

I didn't want to have my little fit in your comment section, so I did it here. I needed to give the context of the comment though.

More sleep, less whining - those are my marching orders...

In my defense, I don't thin... (Below threshold)

In my defense, I don't think I've furthered any such thing. I just think this is a "mountains out of molehills" issue and not at all something to complain about. *shrug*

No good deed goes unpunishe... (Below threshold)

No good deed goes unpunished. Words to live by :)

This chick blogger has no problem with a female catagory in the contest.

I'm confused. You linked to... (Below threshold)

I'm confused. You linked to an entry I wrote about the Bloggies from back in January. Was I telling people what they should like? I didn't think I was telling people what they should like. I was just saying that I found the whole firestorm surrounding that fiasco very entertaining and I was probably lucky I wasn't in the middle of it. :-)

Some people will cry about ... (Below threshold)

Some people will cry about anything.

Les - Sorry, I was using th... (Below threshold)

Les - Sorry, I was using that to illustrate the Bloggies controversy. I should have been more explicit. When I was at your site the other day I noticed it. I followed some of the links and found that the closed nature of the little group that did those awards sort of rubbed folks wrong. I assumed that some people may be interested in that history lesson.

Hate-mongering pieces of cr... (Below threshold)

Hate-mongering pieces of crap can win *Nobel Prizes* (hello, Yasser!), why shouldn't they be nominated for a stupid blog award?

Little Green Footballs is a... (Below threshold)

Little Green Footballs is an ugly nuthouse.
Here are some random samplings from the comments section:
I don't think prosecution is good enough. I think there needs to be a full-scale war against the Left. I mean hundreds of thousands killed. After the communists are gotten rid of can we start to eradicate islam.

The Palestinians don't have any problem that couldn't be cured with a mushroom cloud over Gaza (with the wind blowing out toward the Mediterranean).

We need another crazed Jew to kill Beilen and about 5 more Baruch Goldsteins and most of Israel's problems will be over.

Just to let you know what you're voting for.

Good work, Dave!Let'... (Below threshold)

Good work, Dave!
Let's all base our judgments on a quote taken from the COMMENTS of a website... oh, and let's toss out all context while were at it. Oh yeah, and let's find the most extreme comment we can, since we're going to be fair. Good call.

Actually, to hell with that. Let's just take the opinion we already hold and find some quotes to justify it.

LGF is a great site. Some of the readers are extreme, but that shouldn't (and doesn't) detract from the real value of the site. If the comments bother you that much, just read the news and stay out of the comments. Easy solutions really... unless you're trying to justify hating a site that does the un-hip thing of pointing out what murderous bastards a great many palestinians are.

Coolness. I think this is t... (Below threshold)

Coolness. I think this is the first time my site has ever been used to provide a history lesson on past blogging controversies. I feel oddly special now. :-)

I appreciate Kevin's update... (Below threshold)

I appreciate Kevin's update to his post and rather wish that the person who was pushing back at the Female blogger would not have pulled in politics and LGF, which had nothing to do with the topic.

However, it is sad that Ms. Lauren's thoughtful and careful posting and other relatively mild discussion about this became dismissed as so much 'feminist' rhetoric.

Interesting, but a thousand years ago high born Japanese men and women used to keep diaries, writing about every day life, philosophy, and poetry. The men dismissed the women's efforts with the derogatory "Women's Writing". The irony is that about the only writing to have survived to today from that time in Japan is the women's writing, and it is still being published and appreciated -- a thousand years later.

I've always wondered how women's writing would fare across other cultures and times, but for most societies, women weren't even allowed to read and write. We'll never know what beauty and thought we've lost over the ages because of this.

Carrying this through, it would be interesting to see someone like Ms. Lauren's writing compared for _quality of writing_ to something like, well, LGF for Amish Tech in a year or so. Not the links and not the rhetoric or the comments or the buzz or the popularity -- the writing itself.

Perhaps today's "women's writing" will be like yesteryear's and it will be the only writing, whether written by men or women, to stand the test of time.

Sorry, 'pushing back at the... (Below threshold)

Sorry, 'pushing back at the Female Blogger _award_'...






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