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Serious Thanks!

Turns out that out of the thousands of comments and messages about the 2003 Weblog Awards there were three special people who asked the magic question, "do you need any help?"

Big thanks to Cheyenne (aka Gnomegirl) provided invaluable assistance in culling through the nominiees in the Best Looking Blog and Best Female Authored Blog.

Thanks also to Michele for her graphics and support.

And even more thanks to The King Of Fools for help culling through the nominees in the Ecosystem categories.

Turns out that we will get this beast off the ground tomorrow with the help of these nice folks. I'm filling out the posts and polls, check back tomorrow for the start times. My thought is that running the poll through December 14th should long enough.

Comments (6)

Kevin, of course your's is ... (Below threshold)

Kevin, of course your's is the best looking blog! :)

I should have offered to he... (Below threshold)

I should have offered to help, but I didn't think to ask. I will hang my head in shame.

Offering to help seemed lik... (Below threshold)

Offering to help seemed like cheating.

I promise to have those oth... (Below threshold)

I promise to have those other graphics ready for you tonight. Snowstorm, so I have nowhere to go once I get home from owrk.

Kevin, I have come across s... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I have come across several blogs publicising the 2003 Weblog Awards. Sounds like a good way for people to find new blogs. Unfortunately, each time I have clicked into a link to your site it's thrown up a white page. This is the first time I have been able to access your site. Even now when I click into the icon on your page to enter my blog, it threw up a white page again. I give up! :-(
I'll try and read the blog entries and check out the rest of your nice looking blog. Good luck with everything :-)

No problem Justene. If I t... (Below threshold)

No problem Justene. If I though I was going to need help at the begininng I would have asked around for it. These folks just happend to ask the right question at the right moment.






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